instawords holiday edition proInstawords Holiday Edition – For When A Picture Just Won’t Cut It.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well for the times when that still just won’t cut it, our little outfit at Berzapp has released Instawords Holiday Edition to pull up the slack.

We’ve had a lot of success with our original Instawords (Free here, Pro here), and we’ve learned a shit-ton through the release of that one and that’s why we released a re-branded version of Instawords just for the holidays.

The biggest tell of which…

Give The People What The People Want

Wow why is that rule so damn hard to learn for me?  I still struggle with it.

Truth is, I’d rather innovate but there just isn’t the dough in it.  Don’t get me wrong, innovations can make schmillions but they have to cross the chasm… they have to be adopted by mass and mass has had no previous experience with it and so they’re all scared shitless of it.

So the biggest problem is that innovation takes much longer.

Give them what they want now, and you can afford the ribs with those beer dinners.

With that said, WakeUUUP! is one of the products I’m most proud of but it’s a slow adoption rate.  Which is a struggle, even though the future holds this type of product dearly.  It’ll get there though. :)

Okay back to it…

The Instawords Holiday Re-Brand

Here’s a whopping secret to take ahold of…

Skin your stuff.  Yeah, skin it.  Here’s why:

You’ve already paid for it.

You’ve already paid for the code.  You own that.  Now all it needs is a new design and maybe a new angle.  The App Store is littered with skins, and it’s for good reason.  It lowers your cost-per-app and multiplies your user base for just a few beaners more.

Instawords Holiday Edition is a skin of our initial Instawords app.  We completely changed the design, changed all the design options for our users, and voila: people love it and just in time for the holidays.

Free To Come

We’re still waiting on the FREE version to get approved, but you can find the Pro Version for only $0.99 here.  I’d love to know what you think, and of course, a review would be so appreciated I’d consider chest bumps, high fives, or optional-tongue cheek kisses… which sound so creepy let’s void that one.

Thanks again for the support!