Funny New Years Resolutions

Take em, and enjoy!

Wanna create some funny new years resolutions?  Or how about some serious ones?  Pick your flavour, we made them DIY!

We created a sexy new theme pack for our app Instawords called the ‘New Years Resolutions Pack.’

But we are having a lil’ problem.  Well, kind of a big problem.

The App Store is on holidays!  That means our latest update of the app, that has all of these sweet templates inside, would not be live before the New Years!  Which is totally balls  for making funny new years resolutions (yes I bolded totally balls)!

But being the ex-NASA scientists that we are, we figured out a solution.  Give them to you here instead.

I told you, ex-NASA.  We’re f’n genious.

Here’s how you get em…

DIY Funny New Years Resolutions Pack Download

Couple options for ya:

1. Go to our Facebook Page here, view them all in advance, and just download the ones you like!  This is a sweet option cause you can save them directly to your phone.

2. Download the .zip file of all 15 backgrounds here.  Then get them into your Instawords app and go to town.

A Couple Funny New Years Resolutions To Wet Your Whistle

funny love resolutions for new years

kick the caffeine habit resolution

Hope you enjoyed these and have fun making your own funny (or serious) new years resolutions for 2013!

And in all seriousness, I hope they do help you have a killer new year!