georiot - collect on global app store affiliate sales

Thanks for the extra dough, GeoRiot.

I explained here how you can become an App Store affiliate and collect an additional 5% on your app sales (and more).

The problem is that you can only get one link per App Store country.  Brutal.  So if you wanted to promote your app in Oz, you’d have to snag an Aussie link from  DGM and put it up.  But if you wanted to promote your affiliate link to Canucks (greatest of all worldly peoples), you’d have to grab your link from Linkshare.

Now you’re sitting with 2 different links and you’re semi-fucked because we all get traffic from all over the place.  The solution would have been to pick your highest traffic country and make your link jive with that country and you’d just have to suck up the loss on the clicks from other countries.

But they’re called GeoRiot, and they’ve actually made it possible to collect on it all.  It’s surprisingly simple.  Here’s how you can get into it…

GeoRiot – How it works

Essentially what they have done is set it up so your link detects where the person who clicks it is located in the world.  So after you get your GeoRiot link, a user from Brazil and a user from Japan can use the same link with no issue and you’ll collect on all of your global App Store affiliate sales.  Booyah.

I figure you’d like to know what the price is for this beaut of a service.  Well, it’s free.  Kinda.

Essentially, GeoRiot takes a small percentage of the clicks you generate and uses their own affiliate links.  You can learn more here, but it’s a pretty damn good deal since this is pretty much the only service out there and you wouldn’t be collecting on all of the links anyways.  I dig it.  I’d love to hear your thoughts too.

How to register with GeoRiot

  1. Go here.
  2. Sign up.
  3. Follow their instructions to incorporate your Linkshare, DGM and TradeDoubler links.
  4. Grab your GeoRiot affiliate link, go to, shorten the shit out of it (and track it), and you’re set.

That’s GeoRiot in a nutshell

Now go forth and hussle!

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