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We’ve just launched our latest apps, Instawords™ FREE & Instawords™ Pro!

And they’re getting more downloads for us than any of our others so far.

I attribute this to many things I’ve fixed in our processes but here’s 4 quick tricks to increase app downloads…

They can all be implement pretty easily and for next to zero cost, and should should help increase app downloads drastically.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post is on marketing… but perhaps the most important marketing you can spend time on: creating a product that essentially markets itself because you’ve developed that way from the very beginning.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, you can find the FREE version here & the Pro version here.

4 Tricks To Increase App Downloads

Uno: The Pre-Order (Give Them What They Want)

If you’ve noticed from our stuff, that it’s all pretty niche or kinda odd.  And to be truthful, I love making that stuff.

WakeUUUP! I believe is still ahead of it’s time, which is awesome and all, but that makes it extremely difficult to catch on.  Pay Up & Life Listr are both very niche, and have done pretty well for those small markets but they are still small markets (which can be much better than being a small fish in a big market, but we’re testing everything in the lab).

So what I wanted to test, was the big market.  Head to head with the big dogs.

What I did was go through the App Store top charts and see what people are already buying.  Identify trends, pick one you would enjoy working on, download the competitions apps, then make one better.

Instawords is a tool for Instagram (and other social media) and that’s big game hunting.  Like the lions of the app store.  And that’s tougher.  But it can be worth it.  So far… so good. :)

Dos: 4 Versions For 1

I’ve been making stuff iOS Universal for a bit now, but I’ve rammed that bitch into fifth.

It shouldn’t cost you much more (maybe a couple hundo – a half g) to take advantage of making your iPhone app universal and available for the iPad too.  Now you are on 3 devices instead of 2 (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and we all know how nutty people (geriatrics included) are about the iPad so why not take advantage of those downloads.

Then what you do is create a Free version and a Pro version for the same app.  This gets people into your network without them having to toss out a shekel.  If they dig your stuff and want to go Pro, then they can get the in-app purchase and do it.

Tres: The Hotmail Effect

Hotmail was brilliant.  They gave away email for free.  Then what they did is add a small line at the end of every sent email that basically said “You wish you had a free hotmail account.  It’s okay.  We’ll give you one.  Click here to come aboard.”

And guess what?  People did.  Like gazillions of them.

What we did in Instawords is add a very smooth watermark on the images in the bottom right corner (on some you can’t even see it) and when they share anything in social media it will have a non-annoying backlink the user can easily erase if they want or keep in and that traffic can all flow back to the app download page on the app store.

This method depends on your type of app, but I’d suggest trying to implement if you can.

PS: I learned about this originally from my man Godin in The Purple Cow.  WELL worth the read.

Quatro: Make It Contagious

Instawords at it’s core gives the user full reign to manipulate the end product.  That creates contagiousness because what they put out will be theirs.  People want to create, not just duplicate.

I go into much more detail on this in the Crayons Vs. Stamps post here.

There ya go amigo… 4 Quick Tricks to Increase App Downloads.

I hope it helps.  And please leave a comment if you have any other ideas that can help too!