statistically, you won't make money with apps

Don’t cry, there’s hope.

Time for some hard truth.

It’s not easy to make profitable apps.  Statistically, it’s a goddamn crapshoot.

A GigaOM study reveals that most app developers make less than $500/month on their apps.  “That doesn’t sound that bad!  $500 a month is nice beer money!”

Not necessarily, since a recent study by App Promo revealed that 59% of apps don’t generate enough to break even on development costs.

So even if you were on the higher end of the $500/month it might take you a year just to break even.  “Where did all the beer money go?”

Stop crying, this is actually good news.  Here’s why…

What Most People Do Is Wrong


It’s a tough concept to get your head around, but let me explain.

If everyone did the same thing, it wouldn’t work.  Not everyone can succeed.  It’s called the status quo, and it’s where most developers are located.

Think about it, if every developer utilized the same tactics, had the same budget, put in the same work in, in the same way, no one would stand out, right?

“Everything popular is wrong.” – Oscar Wilde

But thank the good Lord, there are some rebellious developers out there and they are not following suit.  And guess what, they don’t fall into these rough stats.

What Most People Are Doing

The App Promo report is great because it tells us plainly what most of these failing app developers are doing.  Which then, if you follow my logic here, you know what to stay away from.

Essentially, the report tells us that the winning developers have bigger budgets and spend more time promoting their stuff.  The previous of the two, the budget size, can be worked around by spending a little more time on the latter, promotion (which can also be free, if done right).

The Skinny

I’m trying to make a couple points here:

  • The app game is not easy, and it’s not get rich quick.  The days of making a schmill off a fart app are long gone.  Competition is too big for that.
  • It’s okay if competition is massive, because if you create something important, from the very beginning, you won’t need massive budgets and you will make plenty of that sought after beer money.

How To Ensure You’re Not An Ugly Statistic

I believe that success in apps depends on one thing: marketing.  She who markets best wins.

I talk about this a lot on this blog, and I won’t go into tactics here.  But you need to know that because most developers fail, you have a better chance at succeeding.  They are making it easier for your stuff to stand out, as long as you don’t do what they are doing.

My marketing philosophy depends on 2 things: Sneaky Tactics, and App Creation Edgecraft.

Most developers fail because they don’t use some weird little tricks that some of us underground winners do (sneaky tactics), and they don’t create a product from conception that people need to talk about (app creation edgecraft).

The Takeaway

You have to create something that puts a dent in the app universe, and you have to market it like the champs do.

The best part is that neither of these tactics are actually that difficult, and even by reading my free ‘Your Head To A Gazillion Hands‘ eBook you’ll be farther along than most.

Now get out there and make that dent.