Don't life just happen to you. Create an intentional life, and truly live.


    "Get busy living, or get busy dying." Life Listr is the best way to help live a life that, one day, you'll look back on with pride. Don't let this quick life just pass you by!

  • Cee Lo

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  • The Skinny (2)
    Dec19Comments 0

    The Skinny (2)

      A few things I learnt or found interesting recently:  APPS: I was diggin' Xplode…

  • The Skinny (1)
    Nov15Comments 0

    The Skinny (1)

    This will be part one of what I'll dub 'The Skinny,' a collection of things…

  • If Money Is Overrated…
    Sep04Comments 0

    If Money Is Overrated…

    Do Work That You Love OR Do A Money-Gig Just For The Ribs? There IS An Answer...

  • Masque: Sticker Up Your Pictures
    Feb11Comments 0

    Masque: Sticker Up Your Pictures

    Quickly & Easily Dress Up Your Pictures With Custom Designed Masks, Doodles & Stickers..


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148: Patent an Invention.

142: Learn to Sail.

154: Own a Sailboat.

51: Scuba Dive for Treasure

58. Run the Table (Pool)


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